Get paid before you play the gig

Musicians shouldn't have to beg for their money long after a gig, on Fitchfork bookings are paid 100% in advance.

How to be a Fitchfork musician

1 Create your Fitchfork page

We have made it really simple for you to get started on Fitchfork. All you need is a Facebook page and a YouTube channel and we will automagically sync your posts and videos with your new Fitchfork page.

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2 Create your booking packages

People viewing your Fitchfork page would like to know what you charge per hour or event so that they don't have to ask you. Make it easy for your clients to know exactly what you charge for and avoid chancers.

Become a Musician

3 Clients book directly with you

Once you have launched your Fitchfork page, it will be available for the world to see. Party hosts and event organisers will be able to send you booking requests with event details and requirements.

Become a Musician
Artists Client Book Directly
Artist Accept Payments

4 Accept bookings and get paid

Within a couple of hours you should be able to accept bookings, and chat directly with party hosts and event organisers you are requested to perform for. All payments are done securely on Fitchfork.

Become a Musician

Low, transparent fees

Using Fitchfork is FREE. You get 100% of what you listed. We'll only add a 10% service fee when a booking is confirmed, this ensures that we keep the lights on and provide world class customer support.

You Keep 100%

Accepted payment methods

Fitchfork has been built with secure payments at its core.

payment methods

Start creating your Musician page

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