Eugene De Beer

Where are the best or popular busking spots in Joburg?

I would like to visit these spots and get to know some of the high traffic areas in and around Johannesburg

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Jordan LonglaceTry the African Craft Market at 33 Bath Avenue, Rosebank. You might find a couple of them there. Unfortunately I don't know of a V&A(Cape Town) kindof equivalent in Joburg where you'd find a number of buskers in one location.


Estee Lauren ClaasenGo have a look at Monte Casino in Fourways they have a good number of buskers scattered around the complex.


Tanya BooysenYou can try out Simmons street in Johannesburg and Mall Johannesburg on main street, you wil always find buskers there. 1 Fox- The Sheds in Johannesburg is one of the main locations where you will find buskers


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