But what's the catch? Ten burning questions

Receiving an invitation to join Fitchfork can be exciting for some and confusing for many.

But what's the catch? Ten burning questions

In this post I will dig into the most commonly asked questions by musicians, agents, and band managers looking to join the fold.

“Fitchfork.com is a website where musicians or their agents can manage their bookings and receive payment as soon as a booking is confirmed. This way they don't have to chase after their money months after the gig when the client fails to pay.... No sign-up fees. No monthly fees. No catch clauses.” – This is an excerpt some might have seen in their inbox. One that screams “no way, it’s too good to be true” – well I’m here to tell you that it is true and it is so good!

1. Is Fitchfork a booking agency?
No, Fitchfork is simply a tool for managing the entire booking online. From receiving the initial request, confirming the details, chatting directly to the host, and finally making payment online. You are in full control throughout the process.

2. As a musician, do I pay somewhere down the line?
No, musicians never have to pay for anything on Fitchfork.

3. As a musician, am I contractually bound to only process bookings on Fitchfork?
No, however taking into consideration how robust the features and processes are you’d be naive not to.

4. I am an agent managing more than one musician, does Fitchfork cater for that?
Yes, as long as you are the admin on their Facebook pages you can sign up as many/few musician profiles as you want. In the case where you are not the Facebook admin, you can simply email us at thepeople@fitchfork.com and we’ll work the magic.

5. How does Fitchfork make money?
It adds a 10% service fee to every successful booking. If you quote your client R100 they will pay R110. Fitchfork keeps the R10 and you get R100. Fitchfork only makes money when musicians make a lot more.

6. Why the 10%?
This is the lowest a platform such as this can possibly charge. The fee goes toward the maintenance and development of the platform. It is a business at the end of the day, and to keep innovating and providing world class service it needs to generate money.

7. How many bookings do musicians get in a month on Fitchfork?
Fitchfork does not guarantee that musicians get any bookings. It does its best to promote musicians on its platform using its own marketing resources and strategies and it is expected that musicians do the same.

8. How does all of this work?
A host finds your profile on Fitchfork. Depending on how your page is setup, they will send you a booking/quotation request. This includes details around the venue, location, date, times, and any additional requirements they may have. Fitchfork notifies you via email and SMS.

You log back in on Fitchfork to review the request. You can then either accept or decline the request.

In the case of a quotation request: You will be required to enter the details of what you are going to charge, how long you’ll play, and anything else that you believe is important. You’d then submit the quotation to the host for their review. Should they accept the quotation they will be required to pay 100% of the quoted amount using Fitchfork’s secure payment system.

In the case of a booking package request:

Should you accept the request the client will be required to pay 100% of the package amount using Fitchfork’s secure payment system.

To protect both you and the client, the money is held in escrow (basically in Fitchfork’s bank account) until you have performed at the event after which Fitchfork will process payment directly into your bank account. In the case where the musician is unable to perform, Fitchfork refunds the client 100% of their money.

Once a booking is initiated musicians and hosts can message each other directly using Fitchfork’s own messaging service.

9. I have an idea for Fitchfork, who can I talk to?
You are welcome to direct any communications to thepeople@fitchfork.com or chat to us directly using the chat box in the bottom right hand corner. We consult regularly with a small group of Fitchfork musicians around new features and developments.

10. I don’t have a YouTube channel, but I would love to sign up – can you help?
You are in luck. Soon you’ll be able to sign up using only the videos on your Facebook page. Videos are very important and gives hosts an immersive experience of the band in a live setting.

Those are the ten burning questions we see a lot here at Fitchfork. Hopefully this helps you in some way to make head or tail from it all.


No, there’s no catch – just a bunch of music lovers looking to make things better for musicians.

Jordan Longlace
"I write what I like." - Steve Biko

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