Fitchfork and Sonic Sky Audio Visual Partnership Announcement

Delivering more options to our community is the driving factor underpinning our success and with this partnership we are inching ever forward in achieving greater variety of services under our Partner Program.

Fitchfork and Sonic Sky Audio Visual Partnership Announcement

Pictured above is The Head Fitch at Fitchfork, Eugene de Beer (left) and Sonic Sky Audio Visual Director, Bern Bouwer(right).

Fitchfork is pleased to announce its new partnership with Sonic Sky Audio Visual, an audio visual company operating across Gauteng and the greater South Africa, directly connecting musicians and event hosts with quality services in the sound engineering space. 

Sonic Sky Audio Visual's services are now available through the Fitchfork Partner Program and people can easily and transparently acquire their services in a trusted, secure online environment. 

Fitchfork is dedicated to being a leading musician-services marketplace that exists to create a world where musicians can perform anywhere, providing healthy events that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Fitchfork uniquely leverages technology to economically empower people around South Africa to unlock and monetize their music, passions and talents to become entertainment entrepreneurs.

"This partnership aligns with our core business of connecting the industry over a new, innovative online platform, which we want to make as self-sustainable as possible." said Eugene de Beer, Founder & CEO of Fitchfork.

To acquire the services of Sonic Sky Audio Visual simply navigate to their Fitchfork listing Sonic Sky Audio Visual and request the service you need. 

Read more about The Fitchfork Partner Program at

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