How Fitchfork Works For Artists

Fitchfork is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique performing artists around the world - online or from a mobile phone or tablet.

How Fitchfork Works For Artists

When founding Fitchfork one thing was clear; that setting up a profile, be it a host, agent or artist, should be done in under 30 seconds. They set out and achieved exactly that. And they are constantly at work to make the on-boarding experience a walk in the park.

How do I get in?

For artists Fitchfork has two requirements, 1. a Facebook page, and 2. a Youtube channel. Should you meet these requirement simply click on the "BECOME A MUSICIAN" button. You will then be required to log in with Facebook - approve the two permissions. Once done, simply enter the Youtube link to your channel and the platform will automatically take care of the rest.

As an artist you will then have to option to enrich your profile with information such as your genre, overview video, etc. Add your booking preferences, set your calendar availability, and start spreading the word about your page. You're all set!

What about bookings?

Once signed up and with a cool profile to show for it, you will be able to accept bookings through your Fitchfork page. Visitors will be able to easily find your profile, review your videos, and book you. All bookings made through the platform will require artist confirmation. The secure Fitchfork payment system makes it a breeze for event organisers to pay for their bookings. Yes, your booking is paid 100% in advance. All payments made towards a booking is kept in escrow until the artist has performed, only once proof of performance has been received will the money be paid into the artists account. We do this to protect both the artist and the event organiser; in case the artist renege on the booking, Fitchfork will reimburse the client 100% of the money they have paid. Artists will enjoy knowing that the money is in escrow and not waiting on proof of payment from the bank, or never receiving the deposit notification from the bank.

Through the artist calendar all events and bookings are accessible in real-time and always available for the artist to refer to. Fitchfork automatically reminds the artist of an event 1 week before the event date and again at 48 hours before the event date. This way artists will never forget about an event.

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