Our #1 most-requested feature of April

It's here: the moment you've been waiting for! We’re excited to announce our take on a universal gig guide for Fitchfork musicians, that is always relevant no matter the time of day!

Our #1 most-requested feature of April

Along with our weekly curated email that gets sent directly to your email inbox we have now made it easier for you to check in and follow your favourite Fitchfork musicians around South Africa. If you haven't yet subscribed to the weekly gig guide, well then... it would be nice if you did.

We were amazed at the response from our community when we sent the very first curated weekly gig guide. We also heard a lot of great feedback and ideas directly from people who are on the mailing list. 

Many of you asked for a gig guide that doesn't just highlight gigs for the up coming week, and we knew that we didn't want to send you all the gigs for the month in an email either. 

With this feedback we spent a few days designing and building the new Fitchfork Gig Guide. You can check it out here - with our easy search you can find your favourite musician, band, city, or venue in a matter of a few characters (just to name a few). 

As we focus our attention on the next big thing at Fitchfork, we will continue to send you the weekly curation of gigs to complement the live updating gig guide and we would love to hear your feedback as always - good or bad - we're all ears.

Thanks for all your support and feedback since day one! We’re excited to be entering this next phase of an even- more-awesome Fitchfork so stay engaged.

Jordan Longlace
"I write what I like." - Steve Biko

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