South African rock band embarking on their Blacked Out tour!

South African hard rock band; Black Bone Nation is embarking on their ambitious 2019 global tour. PRETORIA, GAUTENG, 11 March 2019 – Almost all up and coming bands, and even some established bands, dreams of taking the plunge, squeezing into a broken down tour van, and showering every 3 days (hopef

South African rock band embarking on their Blacked Out tour!

After the success of their debut album "Black Bone Nation" (launched - March 2018), and playing various top events in South Africa as part of their album promotion, the band gained quick traction in the local and international rock scene. Most notably in South Africa, Europe and USA.

This year, the hard rockers have decided to expand their horizons in an effort to engage their fans across the world,and bring their own blend of South African rock 'n roll to the masses by embarking on a very ambitious tour, "Blacked Out", aptly named after their hit song "Blacked Out".

Although Black Bone Nation has never been a band to say no to new adventures or challenges, embarking on this tour sees the band facing new challenges that come with playing on such a global scale. From logistical to governmental health and safety practices, it is a whole new rock n' roll monster to deal with as Zakk Styles (Lead Singer and band Manager) quotes; "It has been a huge undertaking to get this planned and the ball rolling. Working with multiple promoters, booking agents, technical crews, marketing agencies and even fans that are involved in the planning and execution of the tour. It is a new adventure for us, but we are confident in making this tour a truly special and memorable one!"

The "Blacked Out" tour sees the band kicking off the tour in their home country of South Africa on 22 March 2019, playing at Railways Cafe in Centurion - Pretoria, moving onto the US in June, and then heading to Europe in September. The band will finally come full circle, and travel back to South Africa to launch their second studio album "Born To Rock" to close off the tour in October.
Zakk Styles let is slip that there will be some surprises on the tour, unseen by any up and coming band...we are talking pyrotechnics, effects, VIP areas, live streaming and recording of events, dancers, limited run tour merch, and, we love this their fans a taste of their own "Black Bone Lager" beer! The main priority of the tour for the band they say is to have the fans experience being "on tour" with them.

This tour is sure to put Black Bone Nation on the map as one of the up and coming international rock bands to look out for!
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Black Bone Nation is the walking, talking, living, breathing, fist-pumping embodiment of all that hard rock has encompassed since the movement began. Fun-loving, rip-roaring, hard partying and filled with melodic danger and grinning optimism, Black Bone Nation craft underdog-championing anthems with reckless abandon.

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