South African rock 'n roll heading to Europe!

A band setting the bar for local acts on an international scale!

South African rock 'n roll heading to Europe!

SANDTON, GAUTENG, 01 July 2019 – Blessed by the Gods of Rock, Black Bone Nation have been making their mark on the South African music scene all year around. Their fun, in your face, balls to the wall style, have made Black Bone Nation take South Africa's rock scene by storm, and now they set their sites on new horizons. The "Blacked Out" tour sets out to take "The Loudest Band in South Africa" across Europe's biggest cities for a high energy rock 'n roll tour. From Business, to Broers, to brewskies, Europe will never be the same after the Blacked Out Tour!

As anyone would imagine, making an international tour feasible, and running as smooth as their rock' roll sounds, takes a lot of work, and of course money. So the boys have embarked on a clever VIP "" campaign, making away with the traditional "Please Give Me Money" attitude, and instead, they offer a host of products and services for sale such as special VIP shows, Limited Edition Jean Biker Cruiser vests with the official Black Bone Nation badges (This is normally only reserved for the band and crew), Limited edition European Tour leg shirts, and of course, an ESP LTD Guitar owned by Zakk Styles, and signed by the whole band up for grabs. This is only the start though, there's plenty of more VIP items up for grabs on the website from the boys. 

Zakk Styles, front-man of Black Bone Nation had the following to say; " taking the band to Europe, we not only hope to make our "Blacked Out" tour a huge success, but to also open up the door to more South African bands to head over there and share their talents...Europe is hungry for talent and we want to bring along all of our musical mates on the journey"

If you would like to support Black Bone Nation, or just arts in general, you are welcome to visit their "GoGetFunding" page here:

Any amount provided towards the campaign is greatly appreciated by the band and crew, and the cool thing is, you will get personally thanked by the band for any donation!

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