The Toussaint interview

Hot off the stage after rocking a crowd at a gig, we got to share a few minutes with the man himself.

The Toussaint interview

 Peter Toussaint is Dutch guitarist and singer who lives in Pretoria, South Africa. He plays in several bands, both as solo artist and a session guitarist. Peter is originally from the Netherlands and started playing guitar at the young age of 8. And here's something many of you probably didn't know about Peter - he started playing gigs at the age of 14. 

Here is what he had to say...

1. What drew you to the music industry?
My whole life I’ve known I wanted to be a musician. The moment I saw a guitar for the first time was a life altering experience for me; I must have been 5 years old. I started playing the guitar myself when I was 8.

2. Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
Not particular, sometimes I want to write a story, sometimes there’s a personal experience in my lyrics and sometimes I just make something up. I do always try to have a positive message in my music.

3. Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?
I love collaborating with other musicians. It’s mostly colleagues that I admire and often starts with a guest appearance in a show. Playing music with people I’ve never played with before (or even songs I’ve never played before) is something special. It forces you to focus and listen and makes you a better musician.

4. Tell me about your favorite performance venues
owwww there are several fantastic venues where I’ve loved playing. I think my two favourites are The Blue Moon in Nelspruit (even though it has closed down officially) and the Ponta Malongane dive camp. Then again, it’s normally the people (public and those behind desks and in the organization) that make a gig and therefore a venue special.

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5. What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
Only do it if you have the absolute passion and endurance to do it. Don’t expect overnight skill or success. Don’t expect to make money in your first years. And have fun!

Peter is playing a tour of the Free state this month and can be found in some of the province's most icon venues. Have a look at his Fitchfork profile for bookings Toussaint 

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