Why Artists Need An Easier Way Of Getting Bookings

Every second counts - and the less you have to spend re-entering information or searching for booking data, the more you can spend making sure every event is effortless. Here’s how to save time!

Why Artists Need An Easier Way Of Getting Bookings

For a busy artist, every hour counts. But according to a survey of nearly 50 artists, the average self managed artist could spend between 1 and 5 hours every day on bookings alone. That is a large portion of an artist's day - spent on largely mundane tasks.

And to make things more frustrating, artists struggle to keep track of bookings. An artist could get booked in April for an event - such as a wedding - that is only taking place in December. Without an easy way of getting booked, digging through a trove of emails, and SMSs, or even trying to remember a telephonic booking; makes an artist's life a misery. They use a plethora of apps and devices that force them to repeat tasks. Here's where a platform like Fitchfork can assist in simplifying the artist's management of their bookings - and even bring in more business.

Save yourself time

Tools built for managing corporate meeting schedules (or their old school equivalents) are slowing down an already complex booking process. And they are the primary cause for a very disjoint booking experience.

In a recent survey, 65% of artists said they still use tools that wasn't built for artists - like Google Calendar - and some still use the traditional desk calendar. Thankfully Fitchfork can help reduce stress and save artists a lot of time.

  • Create bookings in seconds: Your booking calendar lets you view bookings made by both you and hosts in real-time, so that you don't overlook or fail to enter changes.
  • Automatically notify you before the actual event: Once a booking is on your calendar you'll get an email and SMS notifications at intervals of 1 week and 48 hours before the event date.
  • Store all the information in one place: Once a booking is initiated on the platform and the information that has been captured by either you or the host will be available to you; any time anywhere. You can keep track of payments, event dates, and distances to-and-from events.

No more disjoint and mundane booking experiences. An artist who funnels all their bookings through the Fitchfork platform stand to free up a substantial amount of time in their day. Time that could be used creating new music and enjoying the pleasures of being an artist. You reduce the room for error and automatic reminders to complete a booking- complemented by alerts before the event date, you can say goodbye to angry hosts and dedicate the free time to strengthening relationships with other artists or hosts.

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