Getting Started Is Simple


The Fan / The Client

All you have to do is decide which social network you'd like to log in with and click on the relevant button.

Once you are signed in you will have access to so many of the cool stuff hiding behind that sign in button that you would not want to leave. Logged in users can create their own curated list of artists they would like to follow, book them, and discover more artists similar to the ones you already love. Should one of your favourites not be on Fitchfork, we've created a cute button for you to add them to the platform and we'll inform them of the honour you've bestowed on them. So sign in and see for yourself - we're not going to spoil the fun for you.

Get instant streaming of your bookings, follow your favourite artists, keep a wishlist, and explore the music of like-minded artists.


The Artist / The Agent / The Manager

To become part of the Fitchfork community and help influence the music industry and your career in a meaningful way, all we require from you is to at least be an administrator on the Facebook page of the artist and that the artist have a YouTube channel. This is the absolute minimum we require to give your fans and clients the best experience when deciding on whether they like your sound or not.

And of course we provide a plethora of functionalities to you to better manage your bookings, contacts, payments, contracts, the works all in one place.

Sell directly to your fans with total control over your calendar and pricing. Easy access to your bookings in real-time, reporting, and more.


Lastly Fitchfork is still in public Beta (&beta), which means that the platform is not at all perfect and by no means "complete" or "finish". We are constantly making changes and rolling them out as and when they become ready, so we appreciate every feedback.




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