How do I accept free (non money paying) gigs on Fitchfork?

We know that as musicians we sometimes perform in exchange for door fee, a share of the ticket sales, professional services, or any other offer that the host/venue proposes. At Fitchfork we know that musicians have limited or no means of tracking these "exchange" type bookings - where goods/services are exchanged instead of money for the performance.

So we thought we would create that facility for musicians on Fitchfork. Where they could accept exchange type bookings and have the ability to process, track, and value such bookings.

Here's how:

  • Ensure that you are signed in.
  • Under the "Profile" tab of your profile you will see your own unique booking code.
  • Only share(SMS, Email, WhatsApp, etc) this code with the hosts you are exchanging services with.
  • When a host books you, they will be prompted to enter your code.
  • They will then choose from a list of services they are exchanging and they'll have space to add additional info.
  • Once they submit the booking, you'll get an email & SMS alert(be sure to update your contact number).
  • You accept/decline and the booking is confirmed.
  • After the event has happened, both you and the host will get to review each other.

To prevent abuse and exploitation - your code can be used for 5 consecutive bookings after which it will go into a 7 day "cool down" period. Only after the 7 days have expired can you use your code again.

Why are we doing this - how does Fitchfork make money?
Fitchfork does not make any money through exchange bookings.

So why are we doing it?

  • We want musicians to be able to generate a report for the week, month, or year that shows all their performances and what they were speculatively worth; what they earned in services and in real cash.
  • To improve the strength and attractiveness of your profile - making it stand out to future paying hosts, because now musicians will be able to get reviewed for those performances too, whereas before reviews were limited to fee generating bookings only.
  • To improve a musicians ability to provide accurate quotations based on the data that has been gathered over time.
  • To introduce the circuits you play to Fitchfork, indirectly marketing both Fitchfork and other musicians to them.
  • It is part of our overarching artist career wellness initiatives.

Jordan Longlace
"I write what I like." - Steve Biko

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