How do I (as a business) join the Fitchfork Partner Program?

The Fitchfork Partner Program is an exclusive program, not everyone who applies will be accepted into the program. We want to work with the best, therefore we have limited openings available per category.

To apply to become a partner on Fitchfork:

  • Navigate to
  • Complete the required information sections
  • Partner details - tell us about core details of your business
  • Services & Products - list the primary product you would like to sell through Fitchfork. Don't worry about adding others, we'll call you to discuss the others.
  • Social Media - links to your social media, this helps us decide whether you will join the program or not.
  • Partner Class - select the class or partner you would like to be.
  • Finally click the "Submit & Apply" button.

Fitchfork staff will now evaluate your application internally. Once done we will give you a courtesy call to discuss your offering and whether we could take a different approach or not.

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