How do I create an event audition?

Fitchfork Event Auditions makes it easier for event hosts to get the best talent to apply to play at their gigs. By creating an event audition the event host does not have to search through musician profiles to find the right musician for their event.

To create and event audition follow the below:

  • Ensure that you have signed in.
  • Navigate to  
  • Complete details about your event; guests, venue & dates, the kind of musician and music your looking for, and when the application cut-off date is.
  • Finally click the "Launch my Gig" button. 

Fitchfork will then send out a blast to all its musicians. Musician apply directly to your even with their Fitchfork profiles which will include a budget, and any extra notes for your gig. Fitchfork profiles include the perfect set of information for you to make an educated decision.

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