How do I request a quotation from a musician?

The automated Fitchfork Booking system makes it easier for hosts and event managers to get the right pricing for their budget. To request a quotation from a musician is as easy as 1-click.

  • Ensure that you are signed in.
  • Navigate to the musician's profile from who you would like to receive a quotation.
  • Click on the "Request Quotation" button.

Fitchfork will automatically send the musician a series of notifications. To ensure that you get a response as quickly as possible musicians on Fitchfork know that their response time affects their ranking on the platform.

Quotations from the musician will be sent directly to your Fitchfork inbox and you would be able to Accept and pay for it all through Fitchfork.

Jordan Longlace
"I write what I like." - Steve Biko

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