What is the Fitchfork Partner Program?

The Fitchfork Partner Program is a diverse group of videographers, publicists, marketers, and other service providers who use the Fitchfork platform to build e-commerce listings and experiences. We offer our partners three great ways to target and do business with musicians:

  • Gold partnership: services listing on Fitchfork with automated service requests forwarding and unique tracking dashboard.
  • Platinum partnership: services listing with full end-to-end sale cycle on Fitchfork. Your buyers pay for your services on Fitchfork using our secure online payment system and you do the rest.
  • Diamond partnership: custom end-to-end development of your services and processes on Fitchfork. With a unique dashboard your entire services sale cycle is conducted and administered by you on the Fitchfork platform.

Businesses in and around South Africa are using Fitchfork to service a growing community of bands and musicians, and many of them are looking to grow their brand visibility and reduce their spend on targeting and advertising their services to such a niche market.

Eugene de Beer
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