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Blues, Contemporary Folk, Folk, Pop, Rock

Don't Poke The Bear

Band from Cape Town, South Africa

Don’t Poke The Bear bring 10 years of lyrical daydreams and burning ambition to life, in raw live performances for audiences
across South Africa. Their sound has been compared to Kings of Leon, but with a deepness of thought & feeling associated more
with the likes of Jason Mraz, John Mayer & Jack Johnson.

In 2013, lead singer and frontman Daniel Marc Cowen and drummer Tammy Leigh started performing original and cover songs on
stages in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Playing an acoustic guitar, an old djembe and bongo drums, they shaped melodies with
intense lyrics. As Don’t Poke The Bear they established a unique, yet recognizable style. Covers feature less and the
original song list has grown, supported by the addition of a full drum kit and a third band member, bassist Adrian Ziller.

Frontman - Daniel Marc Cowen
A trained guitarist and lyrical architect, Daniel has over 10 years of writing and performing experience. He is the mastermind
behind Don’t Poke The Bear’s unique sound and his song writing reveals profound thought and intellect. Combined with his
charismatic on stage presence, Daniel’s performances are testament to his remarkable talent.

Drums & Percussion - Tammy Leigh
Tammy’s early enthusiasm and an aptitude for playing percussion started with Djembe and has evolved into a unique combination
of two different drumming styles. Her precise rhythm comes to life when she wields her drums sticks, conducting the band’s
performance with her enduring energy.

Bass - Adrian Ziller
The newest member and a solo artist in his own right, Adrian lays a rich fullness to the sounds of Don’t Poke The Bear.
He is a natural musician with an undeniable presence and a genuine love of music and instruments. He contributes significant
experience and versatility to the band.

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