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Jack Mantis Band

Singer-Songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa

After forming in 2007, the Jack Mantis Band quickly established a reputation as the neighborhood good-time band by playing in dingy back alley clubs and getting paid in fried chicken and cheap liquor. From there JMB snowballed into steady gigs at the hottest clubs in the city and an international touring circuit that took them places far and beyond.

Soon JMB became more than just a band of musicians. They became cross-cultural ambassadors for sonic manipulation, and one of the hottest large stage jam bands to come out of their small home town in South Africa. Their music speaks of adventure, travel, humanity, struggles and triumph. These are themes they are able to portray with brutal honesty through living the touring life.

With love songs that make you miss the ex you never had, and revolution songs that lead you to question the relationship you have with yourself and others, JMB will take you into unchartered emotional territory. And leave you with a sense of home – where ever you are.

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