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Dance-pop, Electropop, Tropical House

Orion Sky

Band from Pretoria, South Africa

Orion Sky is an electro-pop duo from South Africa.

Consisting of Hazel Hynek (Vocalist, Songwriter, Author and Co-Producer) and Cynthia van der Mescht (Synthesizer, Keyboard, Backing Vocals, Co-Producer, Composer)

Experimenting with different genres, they recently refined and rebranded their sound to an upbeat, move your feet, feel good experience. Orion Sky cross pollinates elements of Pop, Electro, House, Hip-Hop, Latino, African, Reggae, Jazz and many more to create interesting melodies and rhythm.

Orion Sky brings you songs that make you think, and make you dance. Narrating relatable, sincere stories of everyday life in a light-hearted setting to diverse audiences.

Their live set combines versatile aspects incorporating collaborations with different artists including: DJ’s, Rappers, Electronic Percussionists, and other Instrumentalists to bring the audience an extravagant live performance.

Their newest track, ‘The Middle’ is out now on all major platforms including: Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon.

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